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Career Kickoff: Design Apprentice Opportunity

The Design Apprentice is an entry-level role, with day-to-day responsibilities of assisting small projects, and a focus on shadowing the design team in order to gain experience within the business world while developing skills. This role learns to understand how the studio works and is the secondary designer for production work. Apprentice role is 4 months, typically a design graduate with a potential to hire full time if there is an opportunity.

Job Description

**We are currently accepting applications for a potential fall design apprentice; however, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the status of the apprenticeship has been put on hold for the summer.**

  1. Put design fundamentals into practice from your education.
  2. Learn about different clients and industries.
  3. Expand your knowledge of design programs.
  4. Become more confident in design decisions.
  5. Learn about various mediums for design.
  6. Learn about web design practices and contribute to projects.
  7. Contribute to a team.
  8. Improve your attention to detail.
  9. Effectively manage your time, working efficiently.
  10. Adopt a stronger core of strategy for your work.
Design Responsibilities:
  • Assist all project sizes with guidance from design team
  • Grow skills using programs inside and outside of traditional Adobe Creative Suite including PowerPoint, Sketch, AfterEffects 
  • Execute overflow production design projects with efficiency and accuracy
  • Expand branding and web design skills 
  • Conceptualize ideas for logos and brand identity
  • Engage with other designers and project managers in order to understand how to best communicate and complete a project
  • Creatively problem solve in order to meet client needs in efficient and effective ways
  • Always design with purpose first, visual appeal second
Strategic Work:
  • Learn and observe from account and design teams the strategy of design and communications
  • Learn to research and understand user insights and analytics
  • Learn to present reasoning for decisions based on business goals 
  • Collaborate with Creative Directors, designers, developers and account team to understand and execute the goal of the client
  • Shadow on UX work, helping build prototypes
  • Mentored by Junior Designer, Designer, Senior Designer, Associate Creative Director, Creative Director
  • Stays within budgets and timelines
  • Balances multiple projects at a time
  • Maintains daily timesheets
  • Maintains approximately 40 hours/week of working time (8:30-5:30ish) with some flexibility for early or late meetings or emergency work
  • Embodies our values
Growth Expectations:
  • Finish role with a project that can be considered your conceptual idea and overall execution for your portfolio. Potential opportunity to hire as a Junior Designer, but not guaranteed.


This is a fast-paced working environment with multiple projects going on at once. You should never be afraid to ask questions or speak up when you need help, and reciprocate this behavior for fellow team members. Always work to get the best out of clients, your team and yourself.

Check out our benefits such as casual work environment, rotating DJ duties on Spotify, free gym and rec room access with a pool. Yes, a pool.

Apply and send your cover letter, resume, and digital portfolio website, along with why you want to join the team.


**We are currently accepting applications for the design apprentice; however, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the status of the apprenticeship has yet to be determined.**



Bachelor’s degree

Entry level, No industry experience necessary

Relevant experience in design via training

Design portfolio with strong typography, color and layout

Capable in Adobe Design Suite 

Strong communication skills

Attention to detail

Deadline driven


Problem solver

Other Opportunities

While we may not always be hiring, we are always looking for future Glantzers. If one of these roles suits you, please apply and you will hear back from us.

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