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Provide a brief description of what you’re looking to do so we can get an idea of the project scope.

Production Project Manager

Do you have eagle eyes? Great attention to details?  

The project manager for our production team acts as a mediator between clients and designers for production related work. The project manager receives requests from clients and discusses specifics about the project, information that they are then responsible for transmitting to the designer. The project manager also reviews the work produced by the designer, comparing it to the instructions provided by the client, noting errors or needed changes, and sending completed work back to the client for review once internal changes have been made.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Timely communication with clients via email or through various project management software channels
  • Assigning new client requests to appropriate designers
  • Providing clear instructions to designers on new assignments
  • Carefully reviewing design work and providing detailed feedback and revisions
  • Transmitting client feedback to designers
  • Management of multiple, concurrent deadlines for multiple clients

Must-have Skills & Personality:

  • Ability to juggle lots of moving parts
  • Ability to manage small details
  • Aptitude with excel, word and the Office suite
  • A “people person”, who excels at collaborating and keeping the peace
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Willingness to figure something out even without prior experience
  • Flexibility—being ok with constant changes of plans, schedules, and the like
  • Working knowledge of digital and social media
  • “Service with a smile” attitude that accepts client requests
  • Appreciation for creative process and willingness to defend work on behalf of agency

In order to apply for this job, applicants must be willing to perform a test scenario of practical work.

We have some pretty cool benefits as well.


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