“Stickhandling challenges on and off the ice.”
David Braun

David Braun

Growth Artist

Meet David Braun, the Growth Artist at Glantz, who masterfully combines creativity with business acumen. With a rich background as a mortgage broker, David has honed his expertise in customer relations and providing inventive solutions to varied predicaments. Embodying a growth mindset throughout his career, he continuously seeks opportunities for personal and professional development. Fueled by a thirst for knowledge, he has recently received certificates from Google and Northwestern University.

David finds profound joy and purpose in his role as a dedicated father to his children, Dane and Paisley. He cherishes family moments and strives to create a loving and supportive environment for his children to flourish.

He is fueled by his exciting journey of growth, creativity, and the joy of parenthood–where he skillfully navigates challenges both on and off the ice, leaving a lasting impact on those around him.

Hockey trivia master
Aspiring ice sculptor
Favorite holiday is Christmas
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