“There are no wrong answers, just unexplored possibilities.”
Ryan Pomerantz

Ryan Pomerantz

Account Manager

Ryan is an Account Manager at Glantz with excellent strategic chops. He originally joined the team as a Project Manager after wrapping the final semester of his MBA program at Washington University in St. Louis. During his undergraduate degree, Ryan refused to choose between his passions for strategy and creativity, majoring in both Studio Art and Marketing, with a minor in the Business of Art.

Born in Los Angeles, Ryan found his way to the Midwest, despite the challenges of having to learn about “real weather.” At Glantz, Ryan has found a fitting home where he will grow his eye for design as well as a tactical mind all in one place, without the stress of running across campus from the art school to the business school. Ryan strives to be a translator between the artistic and strategic languages and is also learning conversational Italian. He enjoys to growing with his team and diving into new projects.

Usually one of the shortest & loudest people in the room
Can play any Led Zeppelin guitar solo
Rescue-certified scuba diver & underwater photographer
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