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Provide a brief description of what you’re looking to do so we can get an idea of the project scope.




How to make “doing good” look great.


Developed the Beelove brand, packaging and an e-commerce website that takes cues from high-end fashion, even though its roots are far more humble.

Sweet Beginnings offers full-time transitional jobs for formerly incarcerated individuals and others with significant barriers to employment in a green industry — the production and sales of all-natural skin care products featuring its own urban honey. Using discarded or unwanted plots of land, these workers raise bees. The honey from their apiaries is then manufactured into top-of-the-line honey, soaps and lotions, which they sell online as Beelove products.

Sweet Beginnings came to us seeking a sophisticated business model and user-friendly website that could be translated across all brand touchpoints. Glantz strategically developed the brand from strategy to identity through the following services:

• Marketing Consulting
• Website Design & Development
• E-commerce integration
• Product Packaging & logo rebrand
• Vehicle Signage
• Point of Purchase Display
• Product Photography
• Facilitate the Beeline brand name transition to Beelove®

Our clean, boutique-inspired branding and packaging design allowed Beelove to compete online and on the shelves of any store. We built a custom WordPress website that allows a clean and simple shopping experience, and is just as easy for the client to maintain on the backend. The site marries a product catalog with inventory management and scalable e-commerce platform.

Our work for Beelove has extended product distribution in stores, fueled strong sales online and engendered countless PR opportunities and partnerships. We are proud to do beautiful, hard-working design for a great organization.





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