As you might have seen in the first episode of Inside Glantz, our trusty intern Noah disclosed “what’s the secret to your success?” If you haven’t watched it yet, you… read more →

With the 2016 election mere weeks away, political discourse is practically impossible to tune out. While the means by which spreading word about candidates has changed since our country’s early… read more →

A URL–it’s intrinsically tied to the Internet and thus unavoidable – but what is it really? URL, or uniform resource locator, holds the unique webpage location and is presented in… read more →

There has been a lot of talk recently about SEO and whether it is still current in the ever-evolving technological landscape. Is search engine optimization dead? Most definitely not! This… read more →

Glantz Secret Formula

This summer, one of our interns was “unboxed” for quite a few weeks. (No, no neglect involved here.). What he uncovered and then produced for us was pretty fun. For… read more →

Remember when cover art was everything? It was how music stood out, how an artist identified with the listener, how the general public got a taste and literal feel of… read more →

Although the logo of the Olympics has been a part of our cultural memory since its re-birth in 1912, the true meaning of the intertwined rings remains lost on many.… read more →

Although cars started appearing as early as 1884, they did not become widely available until the first decade of the 20th century. As more people started driving, local governments saw a growing need… read more →

Creative Resume Designs

Getting your foot into the door at that dream job used to require a powerful cover letter and a resume filled with relevant experience. Is this still the case? Introducing the… read more →

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