WordPress is the most widely used content management system (CMS) in the world by a wide margin. Its user-friendly interface and cutting edge features, combined with its massive developer and… read more →


Designers and offices have started to become more and more eco-friendly, but in honor of Earth Day we compiled a few more helpful tips and tricks to be more green as you work!

Mobile Friendly Test Google

Computers, tablets, mobile phones and now watches. Websites need to be optimized for smaller and smaller screens. Google is starting to give you some bonus points if your site passes… read more →


Almost everyone loves chocolate – want to know why? Chocolates contain phenylethylamine, the chemical your brain produces when you’re in love. Simply add a clever design and designers will be… read more →


As we reflect on 2014, we realize what a landmark year it was. Not only was it one of our busiest – launching more than 30 sites this year – it was also one of our proudest. Take a look at some of the work we’ve loved doing for clients.


With the mass of products we blindly browse on routine trips to supermarket, it’s refreshing when a product manages to catch our attention with its unique packaging. Our hats go off to the designers responsible for these 20 genius package designs.


Every day we are bombarded with advertisements for anything you can imagine—from furniture to pet food to hillbilly dating websites. Most of the time we just give them a quick… read more →


Evanston is a suburban hub of activity with a growing foodie reputation. As fans of this movement at the Glantz Design studio, we needed an excuse to taste the countless E-Town restaurants. The outcome of our research? This tasty infographic of local don’t-miss dining.


Since tennis began in the 11th century, technology has advanced tremendously. Changes in balls, racquets, and even court surfaces have brought tennis to where it is today. Below is a… read more →

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