1. Satisfy Your User By Understanding Their Visit

Get the full story of how users are visiting your site:
track the ebbs and flows of interactivity and uncover trends when comparing data to new campaigns, launches, and events. Unlock new opportunities to drive visits to the right areas of your site and find new ways to captivate users in their ever-changing web experience.


Are users staying on the site long enough to be significant visits?

Did the social media campaign for this month drive more site visits?

Were there any spikes in visits that coincided with untracked news and events?

2. Find Which Pages Are Getting the Most Attention

Understand your user’s journey by seeing the device they’re using, uncovering top referral sources leading to your site, and identifying the pages they’re visiting most frequently. Are users taking the journey you intended? If not, are there changes to be made to point them in the right direction?


Is the new job posting on Glassdoor leading new users to the careers page?

Are users aware of all services or are they only visiting one of the services sub-pages?

Are users viewing our site on their phone, tablet, or desktops?

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