How Powerpoint Could Make You Famous

2017 marks the 30th birthday of PowerPoint. What began as a program for Macintosh to format and print to transparencies has grown to ubiquity, with 95 percent market share and… read more →

A local Chicagoland law firm came to us wanting to promote their services to Evanston and North Shore residents who were in need of legal representation, specifically people facing DUI… read more →

As we head into the last weeks of summer we’ve been looking for that perfect beach companion, so we started to comb through articles with titles like “Your Ultimate Summer… read more →

The hardest question for your business as you explore website development might simply be: where do we start? The internet is constantly growing and changing: based on your resources and… read more →

Creating a fluid and effective user experience (UX) is both an art and a science. When clients come to us with legacy sites, they often need more than just a… read more →

  In school we’re taught to dissect things. There was, of course, the dreaded frog dissection in biology, but we took apart a lot of other things too—like the Cold… read more →

Society’s disdain for the corporate workplace is most certainly a modern and “first world” phenomenon. What was once the standard cubicle design has now become the symbol of an eternal… read more →

Typography—or the appearance of numbers, letters, and symbols—plays an important role in design, and a sense of typography is a necessary skill for successful designers. We may not think twice… read more →

As you might have seen in the first episode of Inside Glantz, our trusty intern Noah disclosed “what’s the secret to your success?” If you haven’t watched it yet, you… read more →

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