We love what we do, and we’ve got a lot to say about it.

At Glantz, we produce some beautiful work, but what we’re most proud of is the thought we put into it. Check out our blog to learn a bit about our process, strategy, and tricks of the trade.

Designing a new website can be intimidating, especially in the early stages of a project when you’re trying to conceive and organize what information you should include. How do you… read more →

“We need a logo!” is a familiar refrain we get when we pick up the phone or open our Glantz inbox. While we have a clear idea of what defines… read more →

Thank you to everyone who sent us well-wishes or came out to celebrate our 10th Anniversary. We were lucky to get a perfect end-of-summer evening and even luckier to connect… read more →

During the weeks leading up to my internship as an account manager at Glantz Design, I binge-watched Mad Men. Although Glantz isn’t an ad agency, there are many parts of… read more →

The design industry is always evolving, in large part because of how openly creatives in our field collaborate and share knowledge. We look to one another for inspiration, design tips,… read more →

Summer is officially here, and life’s been busy over at Glantz Design. In our “soon-as-we-get-a-chance” newsletter, you’ll find four of our recently launched projects and meet some of the newer faces on… read more →

How Glantz Stays Inspired, Floral, Abstract Image with Text Interwoven

Spring is finally here in Evanston: the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the grass is growing! As the season changes, we at Glantz started to think about… read more →

Each summer we welcome design interns to our team from schools all across the country. Our internship is not a “coffee run” gig. We offer an opportunity to get your… read more →

With this Sunday marking the 90th Academy Awards®, everyone is abuzz about Best Picture– but what about Best Poster? Our office voted for our favorites among this year’s Best Picture… read more →

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