Alliant Credit Union

This credit union strategically created a new target audience of millennials after many of their current airline customers were retiring. These video series helped garner new clients.

Historical Figures Social Campaign

Alliant Credit Union wanted to capitalize on the savviness of their millennial target audience. This series of videos was designed for distribution on social media. Using historical figures with a modern vibe, these ads are a fun and smart way to differentiate from the dozens of banking options.

Teen and Kids Checking Account Programs

Explainer videos don’t have to be dull. We made two playful informational videos for Alliant Credit Union to showcase the benefits of their Teen Checking Accounts and Kids Savings Account programs. We created imagery that kept Alliant’s look in mind while allowing the videos to convey information about financial literacy in a fun manner. The messaging works to both communicate techniques for teaching young people about money and promote Alliant’s accounts that are specifically designed with kids and teens in mind.

Money-Smart Millennials

Credit scores can be tricky. So can attracting Millennials to your brand or services.  We partnered with Alliant Credit Union to create a short video that was designed to be distributed through social channels to help millennials become money-smart.

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