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Provide a brief description of what you’re looking to do so we can get an idea of the project scope.





The law firm of Hughes Socol Piers Resnick & Dym is well known throughout Chicago for their vast litigation experience, and continuous success in the courtroom. We needed to design a site with the same level of professionalism in mind.


Designing this large site was not as simple as the artful final product would suggest. Our first challenge was to convey the spirit of Chicago.  We did this by embedding heroic Chicago landmarks throughout the backgrounds of the site’s deep page count.  Our second was to capture the work ethic and expertise of the HSPRD team that often extends into the night. We did this by creating an entirely different experience based on the time of day you visit the site. The background images on all top-tier pages automatically change from day to night after 6:00pm. Finally, we needed to make the site easy to use for potential clients. The custom filter tool allows the user to quickly find the practice areas and lawyers that will suit their needs.

The design of this site is fully responsive, and each page has been carefully crafted.  While the site is content heavy, the unique page design creates an easy reading experience. We knew we had succeeded when each of the partners told us that the site conveyed the personality and capabilities of the firm.

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HSPRD liked what we did with their site so much, we were asked to start working on smaller sites focusing on specific areas of their practice. One of them being the Whistleblower Advocates site. People can visit this site and seek legal advice from the lawyers at HSPRD who specialize in false claims.



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