Palmer OSG, an organizational strategy group, was at an inflection point in its lifecycle—ready to position itself quite differently, both within its parent company and in the marketplace. Our job was to reinvent their branding and website.

The new logo, an innovative and abstract mark, takes cues from hardworking bumble bees, the company’s Chicago roots, and transformation.

Palmer OSG before and after logos
Palmer OSG rebrand concepts

Using the logo as an inspirational jumping off point, we set out to create a website that truly highlighted Palmer OSG’s own company mission–helping organizations continuously improve through the power of purpose. We used the color palette and shapes from the identity to create a subtle yet dynamic backdrop for the information and visuals throughout the site.

We also had the opportunity to create a visual toolkit that would be used not only on the company’s website, but in their documents and presentations as well, that would help the organization explain to their clients the power of defining their purpose. This set of graphics, ultimately coined The Purpose Model, consisted of seven distinct diagrams all relaying the effectiveness of Palmer’s consulting method.

We are excited to see Palmer OSG grow as an organization, utilize the graphic toolkit we built form them, and help propel other businesses forward. Visit the live website.

Palmer OSG desktop home
Palmer OSG desktop solutions page
Palmer OSG desktop solutions page component
Palmer OSG mobile view
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