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We took this website to the next level by showcasing TNLPG's ability to find the unique answers their clients crave.

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Finding a financial advisor may seem as easy as a quick Google search, but finding a true partner who understands your values is much more difficult. The Next Level Planning Group lives up to their name—they take financial planning to the next level in every way.

A Website That Stands Out

When TNLPG they came to us, their website looked like any other financial advisory. Our job was to make them stand out in a way that was true to their brand and their differentiated services.   Taking into account the user-insights of their targets, we developed a concept that played off people’s seemingly endless questions when it comes to financial planning—our infinite scroll brings to life these highly charged questions and The Next Level Planning Group’s ability to find the unique answers for their individual clients.  

The Next Level Planning Group Scroll

Making Financial Planning Fun

Financial planning can be a confusing, stress inducing, and, let’s face it, not particularly thrilling topic. To better engage and serve their clients as they plan their future, the team at TNLPG asked Glantz to design an eye-catching PowerPoint presentation to accompany their “Seven Deadly Sins of Personal Finance.”

7 Deadly Sins PowerPoint
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