ToneyKorf Partners is a boutique management and advisory firm, based out of New York, that works with clients on a national scale in a variety of industries. The firm desired a new website that was not only more aesthetically pleasing than their previous one, but also accurately reflected the spirited culture of the firm and its elite market positioning. Additionally, ToneyKorf wanted a website that was easy to update and maintain in order to ensure the website remained in-touch with the dynamic nature of the firm’s work environment.  

Website Design

The finished product is a clean design that successfully conveys the critical, far-reaching, work that ToneyKorf engages in, while highlighting the enthusiasm and passion of the consultants who are at the core of the firm. This was accomplished by balancing city-scape imagery, communicating professionalism and large-scale projects, with pictures of the ToneyKorf employees throughout the entire site. The ToneyKorf mission is to become a part of their clients’ businesses, and in order to emphasize this mission we employed large headlines with clear statements. Visit the ToneyKorf website.

We also added personal touches to the individual team bio pages, such as favorite quotes, fun facts, and hero images selected by the consultant themselves. This resulted in bio pages that are unique to each individual, reiterating the firm’s core practice of building long lasting, meaningful relationships with their clients.  

Proposal design

After we launched the ToneyKorf website, the client asked us to create a proposal template as well that was in accordance with the design of the site. We used a large image of a city skyline on the cover, maintained the blue color scheme and overlays throughout, and incorporated images of the ToneyKorf team members throughout the inside pages of the brochure. This ensured the same balance of professionalism and passion that was effectively conveyed by our website design. We are thrilled that our vision for the ToneyKorf Partners website became the embodiment of the entire brand.

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