5 Valentine’s Day Chocolates for a Designer

Almost everyone loves chocolate – want to know why?

Chocolates contain phenylethylamine, the chemical your brain produces when you’re in love. Simply add a clever design and designers will be like choco putty in your hands.

Here are five chocolate designs that we found especially yummy just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Chocolate Pencils by Nendo

A designer can never have too many pencils, including ones made of chocolate.

Nendo’s Chocolate Pencils also come with a pencil sharpener that makes chocolate shavings that adds nuances to your dessert!

Chocolatetexture by Nendo

At Nendo, designers turned to a frequently neglected taste factor: texture and shape.

Chocolatetexture features a set of chocolates inspired by nine different Japanese expressions for texture. Pop over to Nendo’s website to find out what they mean, then send your Valentine a coded message!


Sweet Play by Elsa Lambinet

We’ve always been told not to play with our food, but Sweet Play says the opposite! With its Lego-inspired squares, you can play and decorate your chocolates with tons of goodies like nuts, wafers and honey or jams.


Bloom Chocolate by Connor Davey

While a bouquet of roses complements chocolates, neither is made to keep.
To give his chocolate bar a second life, Davey designed a set of flavored chocolates in biodegradable, seed-infused packaging. These seeds, which range from mint to roses, are determined by the flavor of the candy.


NelleUlla Chocolates by Maija Rozenfelde

Designers draw their inspiration for both chocolate flavors and packaging from NelleUlla, the name of the Nordic forest maiden whose eyes reflect the Northern Lights.


Inspired yet? Keep your creative juices flowing with a little nibble! Or, buy some.

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