Summer of 18: What's Goin on at Glantz

Summer is officially here, and life’s been busy over at Glantz Design. In our “soon-as-we-get-a-chance” newsletter, you’ll find four of our recently launched projects and meet some of the newer faces on our team.


While most residents in Chicagoland know of the stunning Bahá’í Temple, many may not be as familiar with the spiritual practice. The Bahá’í Faith creates diverse and meaningful relationships across the globe that are based on their unifying values of inclusivity and openness.
With rigorous research, visual design and development, our team launched a website for the Bahá’ís of the United States that we’re all incredibly proud to have been part of. Now, followers of the faith as well as those interested in learning more about the community, architecture, or practices have a platform to explore based on their unique level of interest.
Explore the full website or go behind the scenes in our case study

The Lawyer Exchange is transforming how small and solo law firms staff their projects and build their practice. We created three informational videos that showcase how Lawyer Exchange cancels out the risk and costs associated with ordinary hiring practice while also providing opportunities for mentorship and experience to recent grads. Watch all of the videos in our case study.
Putterman Athletics, the leading manufacturer of recreational products for athletic facilities, highly customizes and expertly crafts designs to serve as the backdrop to premier arenas like Wrigley Field. To showcase their products, we developed a print and digital catalog to match their caliber and prestige that spotlights athleticism and prowess. See the catalog in our case study.
Harbour Contractors is one of the more experienced construction companies in the Chicagoland area. In order to reflect their impressive expertise and quality craftsmanship, we evolved their brand by creating a visually impactful website that displays their work in digestible case studies that can evolve and grow as they complete new projects. View the website designs in our case study. 

Making a Splash on Our Team

We’ve grown in the past six months, adding some incredible talent to our roster.
Learn what make the full team tick!

This September marks our 10 year anniversary!

We’ve come a long way from one guy working in a stuffy attic, and we want to celebrate. Stay tuned for something epic!

From websites to powerpoint presentations to videos, how can we help your summer projects score a perfect 10? Give us a shout at [email protected].

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