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A client recently asked us to design 10 custom posters to liven the walls of their new office space. They gave us complete creative freedom to design “whatever our little hearts desired.”  No brand guidelines to follow, no logos to include, and no superfluous text to squeeze inside margins!
Who was this peculiar client? … none other than Glantz Design!

They sound like the perfect client, until you take into account that we couldn’t bill them.

Either way, taking some time out of our day to design for ourselves was therapeutic for our creative souls! We spend more hours than we care to admit in the office. So, in order to make our new workspace really feel like home, we developed a series of posters that reflect our passions (design), express our frustrations (design-related), and inspire our work!
Glantz Office Hallway
If you’re a designer, you’ll appreciate the humor behind Glantz Design’s custom office decor. Even if you don’t fully understand the graphic design “puns,” we hope our posters still make you smile.
Here’s a look at what you’ll see framed on the walls at our new space.

Poster#1: Practice Safe Design

Practice Safe Design

Poster#2: Wake Up Your Brain

Wake Up Your Brain

Poster#3: PMS


Poster#4: You’ll Have an Eternity to Think Inside the Box

You'll Have an Eternity to Think Inside the Box

Poster#5: Bad Kerning

Bad Kerning

Poster#6: If It Bleeds…

If it Bleeds

Poster#7: We Charge by the Awesome

We Charge by the Awesome

Poster#8: Keep Calm and Force Quit

Keep Calm and Force Quit

Poster#9: Stay Outta My White Space

Stay Outta My White Space

Poster#10: Anatomy of a Graphic Designer

Anatomy of a Graphic Designer

Liven Up Your Own Office

If you’re feeling a bit uninspired in your workplace, the Glantz team would love to change that. Shoot us a message via Facebook, Twitter or good ‘ol fashioned e-mail and we can reprint our existing posters for you (at any size). If you are not a designer, and want your own set of posters to reflect the culture at your office—we can do that too!

Actually, you can now purchase these posters online here

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