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Go Green in the Office

The office world has come a long way in the case of eco-friendliness. No longer do we go through reams of paper, only to throw most of them away. No more do the empty ink cartridges get tossed to the wayside, only to be sent to the landfill.

In today’s world, an office sends paperless emails, views designs on a screen, and has presentations without printing anything. And virtually everything we do print or use is recyclable. The world as a whole may have a long way to go in order to help our planet, but we’re here to help! Check out this handy infographic on how your office can help keep the Earth healthy.
Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 2.09.21 PM

TV Show Saves Paper by Design

The popular animated TV show “Bob’s Burgers” has recently been recognized for being one of the most eco-friendly animated shows on air. For those who are unfamiliar, the show follows the funny misadventures of Bob and his burger restaurant that he and his family run.

The show uses a process that eliminates the need for paper sketches when creating the characters and backgrounds. The design is predominantly done through drawings on tablets. The files are then transferred electronically over to the animation process. Learn all about the process here!
FOX's "Bob's Burgers" - Season Five

What it Means to be a Green Designer

As we previously pointed out, the office world, specifically design, has come a long way. With the assistance of the internet, email, and digital displays, there has been great progress in trying to be more green. However, there’s still more we can do. We have found a few helpful articles and websites that were made specifically to help designers be more eco-conscious. Using vegetable based inks and considering the type of paper you use are just a few ways to start. Follow the links below for more helpful green-design tips.
Creative Overflow
Lovely as a Tree


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