Insta-Collaboration for the Holidays

Google 30 Days of Gratitude, and you’ll find a slew of articles that discuss the importance of giving thanks, and how you can find and connect with this seasonal sentiment on a personal level. With the power of social media, the trend of posting 30 days of thanks on platforms like Facebook and Instagram has had quite the uptick over the past few years. The concept forces you to stop and think about the big and little things in life that often pass you by.

This year, the team at Glantz wanted to proudly ride the coattails of this movement. As we began to brainstorm ideas for our annual happy holiday messaging, we strived to do more than the average email to our clients thanking them for a stellar year. That is when the idea of #GlantzGratitude was born. We challenged our clients to tell us what they are thankful for, allowing us to visually interpret their beautiful words into art. Each designer was encouraged to create posts using their own interpretation and strategic thinking, without the usual constraints of brand guidelines.

The team got inspired as the answers from our clients started to pour in, ranging from heart-warming personal stories to a single word that carried massive amounts of power. Then the work began. For the next 30 days in November, we shared one post every day in recognition of gratitude on Instagram and Facebook.

The gratitude didn’t stop there. As a holiday gift to our clients, we designed a set of vibrant Thank You cards featuring crosswords, a maze, and even connect the dots. As an added bonus, we slipped in a colorful postcard, encouraging clients to pay the gratitude forward by sharing with us what they are most thankful for. Since then, we have received personal notes, hand-drawn artwork and even collages.

Responses are still streaming in and every week we look forward to reading through the inspiring notes of gratitude. Want to get in on the action? Share with us what you are grateful for and keep the momentum going!

Jen Lemerand is our Studio Lead and Creative Director, known for her upside-down glasses. Everyone tilts their head when they first notice, often stopping mid conversation. She likes to take that approach to design, making people pause and reflect in their crazy day.
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