Keeping it at 11

11 Years Rocking as an Evanston Design Studio

A year ago, we celebrated our 10th anniversary and have embraced our double-digit status. Did we tap the brakes? Did we set things on cruise control? No way! In fact, all year we’ve been “keeping it at 11”*. Here’s our top 11 list from the last year.

  1. Launched our new website—our most ambitious project and well worth the effort.
  2. Helped non-profits achieve their purpose in education, arts, and spirituality.
  3. Enjoyed the groove of the Glantz family jam band at our holiday party.
  4. Revived a tradition of The Evanston Entrepreneur Lab with “Four Quarters”.  Want an invite to our next one? Contact Brooke.
  5. Began the implementation of EOS. True to our “tween” age, we feel a bit like an adolescent in braces, smiling proudly as we “grow up” through EOS. 
  6. Updated our capabilities reel.
  7. Learned about sneezing, meta-tagging, and creativity in our lunch ’n learn series, seen here with Stefan Mumaw at his Creative Bootcamp.
  8. Hosted 8 GR8T interns over the course of the year.
  9. Forged partnerships with other best in class digital marketing experts and PR/Communications experts
  10. Almost killed Gladys. 
  11. Hired some amazing human beings, who will help us do even more in our 12th year as an Evanston design studio.
Stefan Mumaw running a Creative Bootcamp at Glantz
Stefan Mumaw teaching to generate ideas in greater quantity and quality

Thank you to our clients, partners, friends and family for being part of another great year.

*Keeping it at 11 purely refers to our choice in music volume and in no way is meant to infringe on the well-known phrase from the all-time funniest British mockumentary. Of course, like any good art, that’s open to your interpretation.

Anne Weber helps run the agency, leading both the strategy and account teams. She currently resides in Minneapolis with her family, and plays a mean game of tennis.
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