And the Award for Our Favorite Oscar Poster Design Goes To…..

These movies aren’t just your everyday cinema—they are Oscar-nominated films up for Best Picture of the year. Seeing as they beat out the thousands of other films hoping to be recognized, we figured their posters would be top notch as well. Some were, and some… weren’t. Find out which poster we crowned our favorite, and see if you agree.



The vacant stare and searching hands are what make us love this poster so much. This simple poster tells a story without words, without over-the-top design and without being painfully obvious.



This poster is all over the place. While we like the color combo, it’s just too “been there done that” with the chaotic photos paired with a mysterious close-up of the hero.

Beasts of Southern Wild

Beasts of Southern Wild

Not our favorite, but not bad. Just kind of… “eh.” Nothing really jumps out as being original or interesting.

Django Unchained

Django Unchained

We’ve seen this a thousand times before. So-so design with painfully posey photography. We expected something more artistically-bizarre to portray a Quentin Tarantino movie!

Les Miserables

Clean, simple and interesting. Captivating photography that draws us in, and a face that makes us want to know her story.

Life of Pi

Beautiful design and color, but we’ve seen it before… this fits perfectly in the “Face in the sky over tiny figures on a beach below” category of our previous blog.


Oh, hello white space! A striking image + minimal typography = a graphic designer’s dream. This poster beautifully represents the film and makes an impression without trying too hard.

Silver Linings Playbook

This poster fits the bill for a cheesy rom-com. Love the selective color, but it’s not compelling like an Oscar nominated film poster should be.

Zero Dark Thirty

This… just…. ugh.

And the winner for our favorite movie poster goes to……………drumroll please………….


The quality of photography, beautiful white space and emotion ultimately won us over—and let’s face it, Daniel Day-Lewis wins everything.

Honorable Mentions:

Amour and Les Miserables both successfully bring emotion and originality to the table.
Do you agree with our decision? Tell us your favorite!

*We have no affiliation with the real #Oscars and this post was meant for fun and fodder. For real nominees go to

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