Photo Retouching Illusions

While browsing the web for inspiration, we came upon this awesome professional photographer and retoucher based in Sweden, Erik Johansson. We’ve chosen some of our favorite pieces from his portfolio to share. Check out these surreal photo creations. It’s amazing what we have the capability of creating with just some imagination and retouching skills. Get inspired people!

 Create Your Own Road

creating road photo retouching

Painting the Sea

painting the sea photo retouching

Zipper City

Face vs. Fist

face punch photo retouching

Roadworker’s Coffee Break

Shattered Arms

pottery hands photo retouching

Deep Cuts

Coffee World

Lazy Dogs

lazy dogs photo retouching

Something Fishy

fish photo retoucching



Upside of the Downside

upside downside photo retouching

Road Waterfall

road waterfall photo retouching
Photos courtesy of Erik Johansson

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