Music Fuels Our Fire

It’s been said by many that music is not only the soundtrack of our lives, but also the backdrop to our work day. 

Whether you work outside, in a warehouse, behind the wheel or at a desk, music is often the fuel that gets you through the day. 

We’ve enjoyed getting to know our teammates by what they choose to play when they are DJ for a day in the office. But because we are DJ’s of our home offices now, (and because 2020 is proving to be the longest year EVER) we decided we could all use some help curating a new soundtrack to your day.  

Depending on your mood or your task, you need a different beat. Over the next 5 weeks through the holiday, we’ll unveil a new “Music Fuels Our Fire” playlist.

What are you in need of?  WOW   PERSPECTIVE    A BREAK    FOCUS    OPTIMISM

When you need to blow someone’s mind

Mic Drop

Album cover by Jen Lemerand

This is it. The last week to get your 2020 list completed. Your last to achieve your resolutions. And yes, your last chance to blow someone’s mind in 2020. So if your list is long and your energy low. Look no further for inspiration and mojo. This is the soundtrack that will help you race through the finish line. So do it. Beat the clock. Finish with flair. And then drop the mic. Enjoy.


“All of me,” John Legend

“This song gets me every time.”

Laura Glantz, VP of This and That
“Starboy,” The Weekend featuring Daft Punk

“This song gets me dancing!”

Dante Stanton, Front-end Developer

When you need a new perspective

Uncover the Unknown

Album cover by Angela Fong

You may be in the thick of holiday shopping. You want to find something special, something that shows the recipient you went off the beaten path to find the perfect gift. Well what about the sharing of music? We truly believe music is a gift. And our gift to you this week are those little known gems that somehow sound sweeter when uncovered. 

This playlist, entitled “Uncover the Unknown”, is a great list to share, and also a great list to indulge in yourself. When you need a breath of fresh air, a shift from the mundane, or a new perspective, this list will be your muse. Enjoy.

Ready for something new?

“Tezeta (Nostalgia),” Mulata Astatke

“This is jazz I feel like I can listen to, and doesn’t feel too stuffy. The trumpet makes the song dream like, and helps me drift to sweet memories.”

Conner Brown, Account Manager and Renaissance woman
“Blow Your Mind,” Martin Sexton

“I went to my first Martin Sexton concert at Park West in 2001 (the show that was recorded for the Live Wide Open album) and have seen him every year since. I was blown away—it was just him and his guitar, and there were moments when it sounded like he had six different instruments up there between his vocals and how he uses his acoustic guitar as a drum with the heel of his hand. The Park West was packed and you could’ve heard a pin drop when he was singing ‘Hallelujah.’ “

Kiersten Rippeteau, Palmer OSG Senior Consultant
“Beers and Sunshine,” Darius Rucker

“Best part of the song… ‘Everybody’s down in a world gone crazy, don’t know how to fix it but I think maybe, turn on the good times and turn off the TV, the only B.S. I need is beers and sunshine.’ “

Andrew Sheaffer, Integrated Financial Holdings, Inc.
“Afrika,” Amanda Black & Adekunle Gold

“Found this song completely by accident and listen to it anytime I need to be inspired now.”

Amy Dupuis, our kick boxing, K-pop loving Office Manager & HR Assistant

When you need a break from Zoom calls

Zoom Out

Album cover by Holly Leach

With just over two weeks left in the year 2020, we are all anticipating that need to disconnect, to close the laptop and to “Zoom out”. Although we have long lists of to do’s and deliverables before that, everyone deserves some mini-breaks. This week’s playlist has been specially curated to help you “Zoom Out”. Try a song today and get ready to play them all when your holiday break begins soon.

Elvis has left the meeting

“Ballin and Flossin,” Chance the Rapper

“Not only is this song super fun and upbeat, it calls out our home in Chicago”

Rachel Gilles, pianist, ukulelist, and Client Engagement Associate
“Grolantic Edit,” of Montreal

“This has long been my go-to ‘get ready’ song. In college, I was getting ready to go out; now, I use it in between meetings to get energized for the next Zoom.”

Holly Leach, Associate Creative Director who in college was pretty pretentious about her indie rock
When you need to crank out work

Focus Mode

Album cover by Keith Glantz

It’s week two of our holiday playlist, and this week’s theme is FOCUS MODE. For when you really need to go “heads down” and crank out some work. From jam bands to some seriously inspiring lyrics, we’ve got you covered for the work week ahead. 

All right, time to buckle down!

“You Enjoy Myself,” Phish

“Its often a long JAM and you can get a lot done before its over—Not the studio version, but a live one.”

Keith Glantz, President, Chief Creative Officer, and focused Founder of Glantz Design
“Kusanagi,” ODESZA

“I prefer instrumental when focusing so words don’t distract me, and this one really inspires me with a very “textural” production.”

Ricardo Lisboa, Designer at Glantz who loves all forms of self-expression
When we need a dose of optimism

Spark of Serotonin

Album cover by Ricardo Lisboa

As the November days grow shorter, darker and colder. As the months of COVID-19 precautions drag on. And as the holidays and New Year draw closer, we could all use a dose of optimism. 

Let’s help each other get ready for the holidays. Let’s dig deep and find our inner cheerleader. Let’s embrace the next month as opportunity to pay forward lightness and optimism.  Even when it’s harder than ever. At Glantz Design, when we need a dose of optimism, this is what our team listens to.

OMG this is my jam!

“Jump (For My Love),” Pointer Sisters

“I can just see Hugh Grant dancing in Love Actually and it warms my heart.”

Jen Lemerand, Singer-songwriter, Studio Lead and Creative Director at Glantz
“I Can,” Nas

“Love the contrast between the kids’ chorus and Nas’s echo “I know I can be what I wanna be.”

Anne Weber, resident serotonin expert as our Chief Operating and Client Happiness Officer
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