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A reimagined brand identity system for Beacons Point, a San Diego-based video production company that captivates audiences with immersive storytelling and cutting-edge technology.

Launch Website

Beacons Point came to Glantz looking to rebrand themselves. Their goal was to differentiate from other B2B video production studios on the West Coast. They wanted a brand that exudes joy, energy, and cinematic impact. They needed to set themselves apart in a crowded industry.

Before and after comparison of the Beacons Point logo showing the outdated branding next to the joyful new brand identity.

Rebranding Beacons Point, a video production studio

The Beacons Point team was eager for a brand overhaul that represented their playful and energetic personality. To achieve this, we kicked off the project with a series of creative brainstorming sessions. We created mind maps and mood boards to explore a wide range of ideas and visual styles. We then discussed each style to ensure that every aspect of their new identity would reflect their unique character and vision.

The final result is a revolutionized brand identity that captures the essence of Beacons Point. It positions them as a vibrant, joyful, and impactful studio that stands out in the competitive landscape of B2B video production.

Concept explorations for the new Beacons Point brand identity.
Video brochure that was distributed over mail marketing to B2B prospects in San Diego and showcased a reel of Beacons Point's past work.
Presentation template examples for the Beacons Point team to use for internal and client presentations.
Social banner design for the brand's page on LinkedIn

Designing and developing a cinematic web protfolio

Glantz also launched a new website to showcase Beacons Point’s upbeat portfolio. Together, we helped them simplify their content to the essential information users were looking for. The result was a short landing page website with a clear purpose: to showcase the work and generate leads.

Since the rebrand, Beacons Point has seen a notable boost in their market presence and client engagement. The complete marketing strategy positioned them as a leading B2B video production studio. Under the new brand, they are ready to captivate audiences with cinematic storytelling.

Mobile designs of the Beacons Point website that showcase web responsiveness for the development of landing pages.
Full view of the Beacons Point landing page to showcase component-driven design approach.
increase in deal value revenue in its first full month over the prior year
The Beacons Point landing page with light marketing has over a 600% increase in conversion rate over the previous site. This is despite us losing approximately 70% of organic searches since we dropped from a full site to just a landing page. It's been remarkably successful.
Sonny Sultani
Founder + CEO at Behind the Work
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