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Starting with a logo, we were asked to design a new identity system that was bold and eye-catching. From marketing collateral and flexible templates to a brand new, responsive website, 120/80 is a startup on its fast track to success.

Launch Website

A Bold Logo with a Message

120/80 is an Evanston-based startup with an expertise in digital marketing and data analytics. Their audience is quick and results-driven, so the logo had to be bold and striking on a first impression. Additionally,  we set out to strengthen the integrity of the meaning behind the name. For the agency, it represents the overall health of a company that requires consistent upkeep to stay healthy—much like the ideal blood pressure for humans.

Templates, Templates, and more Templates!

With the majority of the world working remotely during the global COVID-19 pandemic, templates were a must for a team that had to collaborate almost entirely through digital means. We made sure to account for all their needs (as well as follow our own rules), whether the templates were being used for proposals, client audits, or result studies. Our goal was to make them extremely easy to use without losing impact through its design.


Crafting a Data-driven Website

To tie it all together, every new brand needs a hub. That’s exactly what we set out to do with the development of We create a striking first impression that felt powerful, objective, and laser-focused. The imagery, colors, and fonts used immediately told our users what 120/80 is all about: digital marketing that connects the dots for remarkable results.

Organizing Content for a Seamless User Experience

To craft a seamless experience on the web, we started by understanding their users and complexity of offerings. We then established a sitemap to serve as a compass for our teams to gather content. Right off the bat, we knew it was important to highlight the technical side of the business without losing personality. By doing so, we were able to appeal to primary audiences while showcasing 120/80’s passion for data. In the end, the fruits of our labor paid off as the carefully crafted user experience continues to help Sonny Sultani take his startup to new heights despite the COVID-19 global pandemic

I have had the unique opportunity to have used several web design agencies around Chicago. Some that even charge as high as 6 figures (these guys were not nearly as high as that), and what I loved most about Glantz is that they seem to genuinely care about their clients. They will ALWAYS go the extra mile and are very good at understanding brand communication in a way that a marketing agency would. In the last month, I have received several compliments on our branding and our Enterprize clients have taken notice on how we are maturing as a company.
Sonny Sultani
Founder / CEO
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