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An inclusive, human-centered approach to user experience makes the library's website easy to use by all.

Launch Website
The St. Charles Public Library District’s website was causing frustration for its patrons. They struggled to find the library’s services and browse its extensive collections.
Glantz partnered with the library for a comprehensive website redesign and redevelopment. Our goal was to give the website a user experience and visual overhaul that would feel authentic to the library’s brand new facility. We also helped their team transition from Drupal CMS to WordPress.
Wireframes showing user experiences for two very different user types: professional researchers and children.

A user experience that works for everyone

We knew we had to serve a broad audience. After all, libraries are for everyone. The new site needed to work for teenagers, professional researchers, parents, grandparents, children, just to name a few.
We worked with stakeholders to better understand these diverse users and their needs. We spoke with members of every department, including adult services, youth services, circulation, technology services, and research.
To reorganize the site’s pages, we conducted an audit of all existing content and researched the competition. This research informed a list of the necessary components, or content modules, the new site required. This approach aimed to create an inclusive experience for all patrons, regardless of their background or needs.


Screenshot of the full homepage for St. Charles Public Library District

Linking the physical and digital spaces

The library opened a new facility just before the redesign project began. Our design team took the opportunity to visit the site and draw inspiration from its architecture and interior design. This informed the visual concepts for the website. We matched the look and feel of the physical space to create a unified patron experience.
Collage showing how textured wallpaper at the St. Charles Public Library's facility inspired the visual design of the website.
We also used a flexible component approach with page templates. We trained their team on how to add, remove, or replace content and add new pages. This empowered the St. Charles Public Library District team to keep their users updated on upcoming events and the addition of new resources, databases, services, or collections.


A proven website upgrade

Since the site launch, library staff reported a significant decrease in phone calls from patrons struggling to use the website. Going forward, the library team will be able to scale the site with new offerings because of the modular approach and easy-to-edit backend, creating a dynamic and evolving digital presence that serves its patrons well.
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