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A content-driven approach to design educates Wi-Tronix customers and inspires them to invest in SaaS for rail safety.

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Wi-Tronix is the technology leader for safe, reliable, and sustainable railways. With Wi-Tronix software and connected hardware, rail company owners get remote access to real-time information about their trains. It is truly disruptive SaaS technology, but the rail industry is reluctant to change.

Wi-Tronix asked Glantz to redesign and develop their website so that it explained their revolutionary product and promoted its adoption.

Content that’s easy to understand, and a site that’s easy to use

We began with a revamp of the site’s information architecture. In particular, we added a page devoted to unraveling the product’s complexity, called “How it Works”. The page explains how Wi-Tronix software improves data reporting and integrates with a train’s onboard hardware. It also highlights customers’ favorite features, including engine fuel monitoring, train location tracking, and operator mobile phone detection.

Glantz created the user experience and wrote content for How It Works and every other page on the site. Our content team conducted 10 hours of interviews with their product owners, salespeople, and leadership team. We learned about product functionality, industry challenges, and the company’s vision.

Insights from the interviews informed a message strategy that “demos” Wi-Tronix’s hardware and software. The copy, imagery and components describe the most impactful product benefits and functions. As a result, website visitors get the information they need, when they need it.

Visually articulating the complete product

Wi-Tronix’s flagship hardware, the Violet, was integral to the website’s visual design. An abstracted image of the Violet became a texture infused throughout the website, appearing in the footer on every single page. Plus, its trademark purple and orange blanket the site.

Showcasing the platform’s features was also essential for explaining Wi-Tronix’s offering. With that in mind, our visual design team created a set of stylized screen captures that displayed functionality without giving away trade secrets.

Stylized screenshot showing the software's alert popups

An extended copywriting partnership

After completing the website’s content, Wi-Tronix asked our content team to help with additional messaging challenges. Their sales team repeatedly encountered into two hurdles:

  1. Customers did not see the benefits of an all-in-one SaaS product
  2. Customers were tempted to create their own software instead of buying Wi-Tronix’s

We wrote two blogs to address those challenges. The first piece is a manifesto on why software is the future of rail. It also repositions the Wi-tronix hardware as a device with a myriad of applications. The second article advocates for purchasing software instead of building it in-house. It addresses the three most common objections Wi-Tronix hears from clients who are making this decision.

Our deep content, design, and development partnership resulted in a website that rose to the level of Wi-Tronix’s technology. Chad Jasmin, Wi-Tronix VP of Sales and Customer Experience, agreed.

“At the end of the day, Wi-Tronix has a mission of improving the operational efficiency, safety, service reliability, and sustainability of the world’s transportation systems,” he said, “and to say our new website better communicates this is an understatement.”

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