MightyFix is a $10 monthly subscription service by the retail company MightyNest, helping people live a healthier lifestyle by making small changes in the home.

Launch Website

Our team worked to strengthen MightyNest’s e-commerce marketing efforts by developing a consistent brand system, enhancing users’ online experience, creating a dynamic package for their mailed goods and designing engaging follow up email communications.

MightyFix Print inserts
Mighty Nest Moon Pack Brochure
Mighty Fix Gift Postcard
MightyFix icon
Mightyfix website pages sample 2

Mobile-First Product Promotions

MightyFix members are shopping via mobile 75% of the time, so our landing page mockups have to be built mobile-first before a full desktop design to ensure a smooth experience. Working directly with their development team, we iterate on design styles and components for their numerous landing pages that are A/B tested to understand the best language, call to action placement, and images to create a new shopping experience for the curious—or current—MightyFix member. We have helped their team develop landing pages for the primary MightyFix page, collections of products, safe-body care campaigns and holiday gift subscriptions.

Mightyfix Website Mobile Version
Mightyfix Gift Website Scroll Mightyfix Website Scroll

Engaging Social Media Ads

To promote their unique products, we developed a series of animated ads for Facebook that show the environmental impact in quick and digestible bites of information.

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