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Newly rebranded and with its eyes on growth, this education non-profit needed a website as impactful as its mission.

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Educators are faced with the challenge of adapting their curriculum to properly prepare their students as communities around the world become more diverse, more interconnected, and more complex. World Savvy works with K-12 educators to empower students in the classroom and in their communities to ensure that all youth are equipped to successfully contribute to the complex, global future that lies ahead.

Defining Success in a Discovery Workshop

World Savvy had recently re-positioned their brand messaging, which we used to lead a collaborative workshop. Together with World Savvy’s team we identified goals for the new website, created user personas, and talked through the technical requirements. 

World Savvy’s main goal was to better articulate what they do and how they do it. This proved to be challenging on the homepage, particularly in the hero message: We needed to describe an entire pedagogy explicitly, emotionally, and in just a few words (and without cliches or jargon). 

world savvy make an impact page world savvy homepage

Information Architecture & Content Hierarchy

Using the insights gained from and goals established in the workshop, we began to restructure World Savvy’s website navigation. We combed through their old web pages and took an inventory of all their existing content. This meant cataloguing every page, PDF, external link, and case study. Not only did this process help us understand where there might be gaps in content, but it also helped us make more informed decisions when creating the new sitemap—which served as our roadmap for design and development. They have seen success with the new structure via their analytics, in particular with users increasing visitation to their programs page, individual events and the education resources section, pumping up from 9th most visited page to top 5. 

world savvy sitemap

Wireframes and Integrations

Before heading into the design phase, we took the critical step of creating wireframes. These wireframes outlined how World Savvy’s message would be communicated and prioritized on each page. Importantly, the wireframes helped us work through interactive elements and complex functionality, such as the many ways to donate to the organization. 

We developed complex integrations with Salesforce and Pardot on World Savvy’s Make an Impact page. The Salesforce integration alone allowed this globally minded non-profit to track donations and donors, schedule events and manage the guest list, and manage web subscribers. 

world savvy wireframes

Extending Their New Brand to Digital

This website was the first major extension of World Savvy’s new branding. To help communicate their mission and overcome audience confusion, we took a conceptual approach to the design. Our goal was to establish a narrative theme throughout the website. Leading with effective images and words that parallel to their services helped convey the nonprofit’s actions and impact.

As we developed the visual design, we adapted their brand elements to meet web accessibility standards.

In addition to designing a handful of templates and modular components for the interior pages, we created custom map for the homepage that allowed visitors to view World Savvy’s reach across the entire country.

world savvy custom map
world savvy timeline
increase in the average time on a page, improving the understanding of the World Savvy mission.
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