20 Business Cards You Won't Forget

How does one portray their brand identity or personality with one simple, introductory card? Some like to take the traditional route and list only the necessary information on a piece of white card stock. But as shown below, we round up a collection of business cards that take an alternate approach—pushing innovative design to new limits. These cards not only provide contact information, they successfully reflect the products they have to offer as a practical, strategic mini-advertisement.

Straight-to-the-point business cards are great, but when it comes to making a lasting impression, these brands do it right.

1. Model Aircraft Supply

Aircraft Model

How fun would this be to throw around the office? Norburn Model Aircraft Supply company provides an interactive business card that brings out the kid in us.

 2. Asthma Allergy Centre

Asthma and Allergy Center

This doctor’s office has you testing your lungs before you can even read their information. Touché, Asthma Allergy Centre.

 3. Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic Surgeon

What can this plastic surgeon do for you? The business card says it all.

 4. Cargo Supply


This cargo company shows what it brings to the table: adorable, tiny, awesome shipping boxes.

 5. Dentist


This visual play on filling a cavity almost makes us want to go to the dentist… almost.

 6. Maps & Travel Guides


A fun miniature version of their product even gives you directions to their shop. Smooth.

 7. Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Lawyer

Strategically finding the humor in divorce.

 8. Dog Coach

Dog Trainer

How clever, just don’t let your dog eat it before you jot down his information.

 9. Futbol Club


Junpiter Futbol’s card lets you strategize directly on their turf.

 10. Hairdresser

Practice your trimming skills and keep these cards looking fresh.

 11. Security Consulting


Master of security, Kevin Mitnick’s card points out how easy it can be to hack into information.

 12. Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist

Untie the knot and this therapist can help you get rid of yours.

 13. Painter


Our favorite of the bunch (design nerd and proud of it), this painter shows his expertise with Pantone paint swatches.

 14. Pilates Studio

Pilates Studio

Have fun creating different positions with this Pilates studio business card, dreaming you could really be that flexible.

 15. Landscaping


Manage your own garden with this creative Landscaping business card.

 16. Lawn Care


This multipurpose card allows you to jumpstart your lawn care.

 17. Health & Wellness Group

Personal Trainer

Fooled weren’t you? Just admit it…your mind went there.

 18. TV Consulting

TV Consultant
Love the idea, just don’t lose it like a real remote.

 19. Web Design

Web Designer

This creative web design company makes a pretty cool business card. Just imagine what they can do with a real computer.

 20. Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio

Warning: do not try to use this as a mat. It’s just a business card. I know, it fooled me too.

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