Who has the Best Logo in Sports – Quarterfinals

Last week’s online voting narrowed down the field to the Final 8.

Now it’s time to see which team has the best logo in each sport. Vote Now to put the Best Logo into the Final Four.
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Recap of Logo Voting Criteria

Here is the criteria that we used to come up with the Final 8.
1. Test of time- Has the logo been around for a long time and/or will it last for years to come?
2. Representative- Does the logo represent the city that it’s from?
3. Overall- We’re designers so we’d like to think we know a thing a two about logo design. Does this logo look good?
4. Intimidation- Is this logo fierce?
5. Merchandise- Is this the kind of logo people want to purchase and wear?
To see how we arrived at the logos below view the original  blog post which will be updated when the best logo is determined.


Seahawks: The Cowboys had to be a favorite going into this match-up. While the Cowboys might be America’s team, they do have a lot of haters, which could explain the upset. The Seahawks will look to do what many expect them to do on the field: win a Super Bowl.
Broncos: The Broncos almost doubled the votes of the Texans. The fierce Bronco is headed to the Super Bowl and will look to be crowned best logo in the NFL.
Match-up: This is a match-up that very well could happen in the actual “Big Game”. Could the Super Bowl of Logos foreshadow the game in February?


Bulls: This one should not come out as much of a surprise. The Bulls logo dominated in our office polls and continued to do so in the first round of online voting. It just so happens the Bulls are our local team with a passionate fan base.
Spurs: The San Antonio Spurs making to the finals is a bit of a surprise. They’ve made it back to the finals again (2013 NBA finalist). But will they come up short again or take down the Bulls for the NBA title.
Match-up: This is another match-up of two very good teams in their respective sport. Is it a coincidence that some of the best teams also have the best logos? Hmm


Orioles: The Orioles took down their AL East rival, Red Sox to the surprise of our staff. The Orioles have a pretty simple and classic logo and they are headed to the Baseball Logo World Series.
Cardinals: The Cardinals took down their biggest rival, the Cubs, en route to the Logo World Series. The Cubs started off with a big lead but couldn’t hold off the Cards. Once again they miss out of the Series.
Match-up: The battle of the birds. Their logos are very similar so it will be interesting to see which bird comes out on top. Will the winner of this match-up ultimately win the best logo in sports?

Devils: The Flyers were dominating the Devils in the Eastern conference finals in the first few minutes of the polling, until the Devils faithful showed up to support their team. Not only did they come back and win but they won by the largest margin of any of the match-ups. They were the only team with over 1000 votes.
Blackhawks: The Blackhawks took down the Red Wings just like they did in the 2013 playoffs. Only this time their backs weren’t against the wall. The Blackhawks won comfortably but will have a tough match-up against the Devils to hoist the Logo Cup.
Match-up: The Devils will face off against the real Stanley Cup champions, Blackhawks. Can the loyal Devils fans lift their team past the reigning Stanley Cup champions? Tough One.
Vote Now to put the Best Logo into the Final Four.
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