Goodness Gracious…That’s a lot of web work!

As we reflect on 2014, we realize what a landmark year it was. Not only was it one of our busiest – launching more than 30 sites this year – it was also one of our proudest. Take a look at some of the work we’ve loved doing for clients.




A shipping logistics command center, Eyefreight helps customers to reduce shipping costs using extensively researched algorithms. But sometimes these charts can be so dense that they resemble a cat’s ball of string. At Glantz, we make sure that Eyefreight’s site would be readily understood by anyone and any country the company serves.



The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) is a network of massage therapists, students and schools. To help promote the AMTA and the art of massage therapy to the public and therapists, we designed an adaptable website template and a set of collateral that target the vast audience AMTA serves.



Dapple was born when two mothers saw the lack of cleaning products in the baby friendly market. Today, Dapple continues to develop a line of safe and biodegradable household cleaners. Together with Wilburn Thomas, we designed an original website that showcases Dapple’s products in drippy, sticky and crusty situations.



VISANOW helps immigrants cut the red tape by helping customers navigate the labyrinth of immigration processes. In consideration of VISANOW’s dual audience, our designers refashioned the information architecture and content of the site to cater to both businesses and individuals.



Aim & Ailie

Classic, yet trendsetting, Aim & Ailie’s stylists bring out your best looks in their friendly boutique. We’ve designed a website and a logo that highlight the stylists’ creativity and talents. Pop over to their site and be blown away by their amazing portfolios!


Henry’s Swing Club

Expectations are high when you’re part of the DMK Restaurant team. Whether it’s good food, drinks or pool, Henry’s Swing Club takes it to the next level. Here at Glantz, we rose to the challenge of creating a website that rivals the atmosphere of this front-page bar and restaurant.



Refreshing and adventurous, Boltwood is a farm-to-table restaurant that brings out the flavors and vivacity of the seasons with its ever-changing menu. To illustrate the restaurant’s simple and warm identity, the team at Glantz designed a new website, logo, and collateral with enticing designs and warm color palettes.


Lake Shore Associates

As a consulting firm, Lake Shore Associates (LSA) provides strategic solutions designed by passionate individuals. To bring LSA’s valuable assets to the public, we created both a website and collateral that reflects both the company’s capabilities via our sleek approach to design.




Hughes Socol Piers Resnick & Dym is a Chicago-based law firm known for its consistent successes in court. Keeping in mind the level of professionalism HSPRD offers, we designed a website that portrays not only the approachable Chicagoan spirit, but also the team’s expertise. Our website inspired HSPRD’s trust and confidence in us, and we were asked to develop more sites for HSPRD.


Whistleblower Advocates

Along with HSPRD, Whistleblower Advocates supports whistleblowers in exposing fraud and pursuing claims. For over twenty years, they have won the trust of the government and respect of the court. As their designers, we played our part in delivering justice by building a platform for whistleblowers to find legal support.


Daniels Consulting Group

As experts in organizational psychology and business, Daniels Consulting Group (DCG) assists businesses in boosting performance amidst challenging circumstances. At Glantz, we designed a bold yet professional website that sets DCG’s solutions apart from the pack.



With six restaurants and possibly more to come under its name, DMK restaurants needed a website that not only features its distinct locations, but also maintains its brand voice. As designers who pride ourselves on our sense of aesthetics (be it web, graphic or food), we were ecstatic to have an excuse to bring DMK’s restaurants to life through visuals.



North Suburban Pediatrics

Friendly and warm, North Suburban Pediatrics presented us with the task of designing a professional logo and website that reflect their personality. The result: a user-friendly site that provides practical tips and welcomes patients and parents with a neighborhood charm.


Eggemeyer & Graham Orthodontics

Dedicated to providing first-rate service in orthodontics, Eggemeyer & Graham Orthodontics sought a relatable and polished website. Building the site from scratch gave us full access to the information architecture, content and overall aesthetic.


Northwestern University Tennis

Besides communicating information in an effective manner to parents and prospective players on a social platform, the Northwestern University Tennis Camps’ independent website also allows the group to reduce costs by handling their own sign ups.


Lake Street Church

By redesigning the Church’s website, our designers created a platform that allows Lake Street Church to connect its communities and advocate its faith. The site welcomes both existing and prospective members by a vibrant interface, which the Lake Street Church staff members are now able to manage thanks to the WordPress training provided by Glantz.

And since you’ve landed on our new website, we invite you to explore our complete gallery and learn more about the team who made this possible!

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