Here We Go.

Welcome aboard the Glantz Design blog. Please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times.
It’s about time we practice what we preach and launch our own blog! We often remind our clients how important it is to communicate their expertise with customers. However, how can we expect others to apply this advice when we don’t follow it ourselves? Well…we do now!
This being our first blog, we want to point out a few things you can expect to see, read, and enjoy from us in the future!

  1. Opinions. Strong ones. And we encourage you to voice yours.
  2. Mixed Voices. We want to share information from different points of view. The Glantz blog will have many authors. You’ll be hearing from a mix of employees, clients and friends.
  3. Sharing. The comment section is there for a reason. We value your thoughts and opinions. If you read something interesting, pass along to others that might benefit from reading as well!
  4. Errors. Fine, fine, we’ll go ahead and admit in advance we aren’t perfect! Your corrections and criticism are greatly appreciated. Unless we don’t agree…
  5. Semi-irregular Posts. Our blog isn’t a Twitter. We don’t want to post unless we have something interesting to say. So, some weeks we’ll flood you with our thoughts, and others we’ll resist the urge to write about how great the bagel we ate that morning was.

One thing we want our blog to be is a place to INTERACT. Please drop by, see what we are talking about, and leave a note. The only way we can improve our blog is to hear what you think.
Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you around the blogosphere!

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