Our Company Values, and How They Inform Glantz’s Brand Design Work

About five years ago, when Glantz turned 10 years old, I first shared our company values with the public. They were authentic to our simple mission—to make beautiful and purposeful designs—and helped our team rally around a common goal.

While we still hold those principles dear, they don’t fully align with our new focus on brand elevation . After all, our new name and positioning was spurred by the studio’s evolution. Our team has grown and our services expanded into brand design and digital marekting. Plus, the world has changed significantly since then. It’s only fitting that we reassess and refine our company values to ensure they carry us in the right direction.

Glantz’s new, refined company values

Learn every day
Technologies and tastes constantly change. That kind of progress invigorates us. We learn at every level and routinely evolve our skills to prevent obsolescence.

Support one another
We are an inclusive studio that acts as a team. We promote individual strengths and expect collaborative contribution.

Ask why, and then ask again
Curiosity is essential to creativity. We ask questions first to find clarity, then to uncover opportunity.

Communicate sincerely and directly
Strong partnerships require open communication. We are unafraid to challenge our colleagues and clients, and always do so with respect.

Celebrate wins and grow from mistakes
We believe in recognizing successes, big or small. We also appreciate that failure is required for growth. We learn — and try again — as a team.

How our values guide our brand design work

The five principles above represent an authentic evolution of our previous BANDS values. They are direct and relatable, even for our client partners like you. Ask why, then ask again should sound particularly familiar if you’ve ever kicked off a project with us.

One value is completely new: Celebrate the wins and grow from mistakes. I wanted to make clear to our team that it is okay to fail and take risks. This is how you learn, get better, and discover success.

Re-focusing Glantz on brand elevation is the epitome of Learn every day. We hope you’ll continue to follow our journey in our newsletter (sign up in the footer!) or LinkedIn. Like we said, this kind of evolutionary change invigorates us. We can’t wait to share what we learn!

Keith Glantz is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Glantz. A native New Yorker, he has called Evanston his stomping ground for 20+ years.
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