The Evolution of Facebook Privacy

As most people know, Facebook has been tangled in a web of frightening security issues, from privacy breaches to data mining.

Perhaps you have noticed yourself—their ever-changing user interface, cranky Facebook status updaters, and convoluted privacy features (or rather, lack there of).
But, maybe Facebook has a logical explanation for this mess. After all, it’s hard to believe that the team who created one of the most revolutionary systems in recent history would consistently neglect such blatant flaws to their operating system. Some speculation points to chief executive Mark Zuckerburg’s colorful perspective on radical transparency. In short, he believes that society is better off if they make themselves completely transparent on-line and that deviation from this model suggests a “lack of integrity”. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that Zuckerburg may be trying to pursue a personal vendetta after being charged for violating copyrights, breaching security, and violating individual privacy following the induction of one of his first failed ventures, Facemash (fishy, huh?).
Nonetheless, life without Facebook seems almost unthinkable and, despite its pervasiveness or quite possibly because of it, it is affecting society in ways that evade more than half a billion users. Take a look at this information highlighting some of Facebook’s most drastic changes in privacy that you may not have noticed.
Facebook Privacy Infographic
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