The Real World: “Like” and “Dislike” Buttons

The Facebook “like” button has revolutionized the way we interact and share content on the web. People can easily express how they feel towards a person, brand, comment or photo with the click of a button. The power and influence of the “like” button stretches far beyond the social network boundaries. It is increasingly difficult to find a webpage today that does not utilize the “like” button. We are essentially able to control the web based on what we like and what we don’t like.
Now what if the “like” button existed outside the screen? Even further, what if the option to “dislike” was incorporated into everyday life?

If we could voice our frustration with people, situations and everyday annoyances using a “dislike” button; it would be all too easy to begin counteracting the universal affection and acceptance spread by that of the “like” button. Well, it’s only human nature to whine and complain. And this would be so much easier with a “dislike” button.

A Day in the Life

Below is a glimpse into what my day would look like if real world “like” and “dislike” buttons existed.
6:30 am “like” the fact that my kids sleep this late.
7:00 am “dislike” telling my daughter to get dressed over and over again.
8:00 am “like” my “commute” of walking up one flight of stairs to my attic / office.
8:05 am “like” my hazelnut latte. Feeling the need for real commute, I take a quick drive to the local coffee shop.
8:30 am “dislike” deleting mass emails and offshore businesses trying to request work.
9:00 am “like” (well technically “love”) my Sonos Music System. What songs should I play today?
9:01 am “dislike” the “urgent” emails that are anything but…
12:30 pm “like” leftovers for lunch. More often than not, it tastes better the next day.
1:00 pm “like” to get work done efficiently. So if you need to reach me in the afternoon, you likely need to email me.
3:00 pm “dislike” that I ate healthy for lunch, and now my stomach aches for more food.
3:01 pm “like” snacking. Anyone have any good recommendations for a healthy afternoon snack?
6:09 pm “like” closing my laptop in hopes of not opening it until the morning.
9:31 pm “dislike” reading a work email on my phone. This prompts me to re-open my laptop and respond right away. Why can I never seem to turn work off?

The Evolution of Facebook Sharing

People are sharing more and more information about what they are thinking, doing, reading, and/or listening to via Facebook enabled apps. The social network is making sweeping steps to merge online representation with the real world.

You have probably seen QR (quick response) codes while walking down the street, browsing the mall or flipping through magazines. If you own a smart phone, you can use a downloadable QR reader to scan QR codes on outdoor posters, magazines or products. This launches a URL in the phone’s browser, which leads users to download content, view a video, read a message or trigger various responses related to the product campaign.

Scanning social QR codes also automatically links users to “like” its Facebook fan page.

Though advertisers are the only ones currently using QR codes, and they haven’t quite taken off with the general public, they are still a small step towards enhancing the way people connect real life experiences with the Internet.

For now, it’s probably a good thing we do not have a real world app that enables the announcement of our every thought and feeling on a daily basis. Some things are better left unshared…

Let us know what you would “like” and/or “dislike” in real life!

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