Teaching Your Team to Fish: 3 Ways To Improve PowerPoint Presentations

How we’ve trained internal teams to dramatically improve their virtual presentations

If you are reading this blog, you can likely empathize with both creating and sitting in presentations. And if you are reading this blog in 2020, you have undoubtedly sat through a dizzying number of virtual presentations.

We were recently asked to help a large internal marketing team to up their game when it came to presentations. Enter our crack design team.

Much like the design shows on HGTV that makeover a room in less than a day, we raised the grade level proficiency of the team’s presentation skills in 90 minutes. 

We did this by focusing on 3 things:

Let’s dig a little deeper into each of these.


You’d be amazed at how nailing the fundamentals—things like hierarchy, alignment, and consistency—can make a huge difference in the professionalism of your PowerPoint. 

A previously jumbled layout, gives way to a clean, easy to navigate slide that’s still full of content.


Then, with a rock-solid foundation of fundamentals, flavor can begin to develop through storytelling.  Most authors don’t consider a story arc. Many forget that audiences can’t retain the vast majority of what they read or hear during a presentation. We helped the team think about the flow of their presentation and where visuals can help heighten impact. 

A picture truly can be worth a thousand words of difficult-to-read copy. Tell your story visually.

Create Wow:

Finally, we coached the team on how to create a few choice moments of visual impact in their presentation.  With some tips and tricks from the pros on our team, amateur, non-designer folks were able to create beautiful and impactful slides.

Using a collaborative Zoom session, we worked in small groups to do hands-on PowerPoint training.

We can’t teach your team how to be designers in under two hours. But we can help them elevate their presentation game. If this is something your team struggles with–especially in a “Zoom world“–give us a shout. We’ve helped hundreds of companies develop beautiful PowerPoint templates. And once you have a great template, our engaging, hands-on presentation on presentations is a winner!

Anne Weber helps run the agency, leading both the strategy and account teams. She currently resides in Minneapolis with her family, and plays a mean game of tennis.
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