A PowerPoint presentation template overhaul to be more inclusive, accessible, and in-line with the new era of Microsoft branded materials.

Microsoft, the creators of PowerPoint itself, needed a presentation template update to share with their employees. To align with the launch of Windows 11, they were looking for a redesign that conveyed the same future-forward attitude as their most recent branded releases. 

Our new templates had to do three things:  

  1. Bring their updated branding to life for various internal departments
  2. Use turnkey slide layouts that are easy to edit for a wide range of audiences
  3. Ensure accessibility to users with visual impairments

Custom presentations with visual consistency

Having a professional, on-brand, PowerPoint presentation was crucial to ensure employees delivered presentations that are in-line with the Microsoft brand. 

The PowerPoint template had to be highly customizable without sacrificing brand consistency. Microsoft showed us how employees adapt their presentations to work for a variety of situations. This helped us understand how to create a template that is easy-to-use and best serves their content needs.  

The PowerPoint templates are elevated in design and seamless for Microsoft employees to update on their own.

Creating templates that are easy-to-use and inclusive

Microsoft has long been a leader in creating accessible technology that ensures users with various disabilities have access to their content and products. They needed our help in carrying through this vision with new presentation templates that are just as inclusive. 

To do this, we ensured colors, especially uses of gradients, passed contrast ratios required for optimal accessibility. We also added alternate image descriptions to ensure users with visual impairments would have the same access to photography as non-impaired users. Lastly, we delivered various easy-to-use layouts to accommodate to different use cases.

The Glantz team is amazing. Their work with our team has made a significant difference in how our programs and projects show up. We've seen an increase in traffic to our SharePoint sites and have had feedback that it appreciates the freshness of our program brand.
Dr. Malika Viltz-Emerson
Microsoft Director of HR Digital Transformation
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