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Provide a brief description of what you’re looking to do so we can get an idea of the project scope.



MightyFix is a $10 monthly subscription service by MightyNest helping people live a healthier lifestyle by making small changes in the home. We worked to strengthen their e-commerce marketing efforts by enhancing users’ online experience, creating a dynamic package for their mailed goods, and designing engaging follow up email communications.

Our team started the design process by creating moodboards, working swiftly on an overall style for MightyFix. We were able to iterate and test various photography styles, typography treatments, and color palettes to determine the right fit for their target market, evolving our moodboards to nail the right design approach before we moved into website design. During this phase we developed a new logo for Mightyfix, building upon their existing logo with the addition of a bird’s nest, or, in other words—a home.

Next we worked with their developers to create a more user friendly experience, rooted in user testing for their laundry collection. Starting with mobile designs then desktop, we developed a new shopping experience for the curious—or current—MightyFix member. View the collection!

The MightyFix story didn’t stop once the purchase button was hit. With each monthly delivery, we developed eco-friendly printed materials with tips on how to use your new Fix along with the positive impact you now have on the environment.

Throughout every MightyFix member’s journey, they receive email communications to guide them through the next step of making their home a healthier place. This includes members’ only promotions and holiday gift subscriptions featuring a custom gift box designed by our team. Many of us have fallen in love with the service, have become members, and given memberships as gifts!


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