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Polly’s Petals

A florist needed to modernize her brand and build a platform for selling her arrangements on the web.

Launch Website

Florist Polly Klein has been designing events and arrangements for more than 20 years. Her company, Polly’s Petals, had good word of mouth but needed a logo and web presence to match it. She came to Glantz for a new brand identity and website where she could sell arrangements.

The old Polly's Petals logo with a swirl is next to the new Polly's Petals logo, which has a custom
Alternate version of florist Polly Klein's logo in a seal

A logo that’s both fresh and perennial

Every Polly’s Petals arrangement or event is completely custom. The new logo needed to express this personalization and artistry. It also had to capitalize on Polly’s well-established expertise.

To strike this balance, we paired a bespoke monogram with classic, chiseled lettering. The two Ps in the monogram, woven together like vines, are distinct and personal. The complete logomark is unique, stable, and timeless.

Mockup of Polly's Petals' new logo on the back of a business card.

Support for growing a hybrid business

Growing the everyday floral side of the business was an important goal for Polly’s Petals. The new website had to reposition the studio as more than a florist that only does weddings and corporate events.

We explored two ways to achieve this goal through messaging and imagery:

  1. Prioritize the service area Polly’s Petals wishes to grow—custom floral arrangements—with a prominent feature on the home page
  2. Give both sides of the business—arrangements and events—top billing on the home page

After a strategic workshop with the Polly’s Petals team, we chose the second option. It clearly shows the breadth of the floral studio’s services and is inclusive to both types of customers. Plus, utilizing a diptych, or two images combined in a single frame, subtly references the classic artistry at the heart of Polly’s brand.

Screenshot of the a page from Polly's Petals' new website where customers can purchase a floral arrangement. Screenshot of the of the home page from florist Polly Klein's new website

The website design also was an opportunity to further the new brand’s development. The color palette builds off the periwinkle from the previous brand; a navy, green, and soft yellow create a sophisticated and organic aura. That feeling is further expressed with vine-like ornaments and blue-toned greenery throughout the site. 

A built-in store as the site’s centerpiece

Before diving into the website design, we had to plan for the new, integrated e-commerce experience. Previously, Polly’s Petals had two websites. One was for information about the company and events, and the other was where customers could purchase arrangements for delivery. Our charge was simple: Combine the two sites into one, seamless experience.

We planned a new site architecture that included an on-site store. To create the shopping experience, we integrated the WooCommerce e-commerce platform for WordPress. This allows Polly to sell bouquets and corsages on the same website that brides-to-be use to research and reach out to their wedding florist. Polly’s Petals is now flourishing in her Naperville community and online!

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