10 Design Blogs that Keep Creativity Flowing

With the design community continuously producing meaningful and impactful content, designers never stop learning!

As authors of a design blog ourselves, we value the creativity that our peers regularly show in their blogs. We subscribe to various design blogs not only to be good students of our craft, but also for inspiration. While there are countless design blogs out there, we’ve narrowed down the top ten in the business. The blogs were evaluated based on the range of the content posted, availability of resources and inspiration, and content frequency.   

1. AIGA Eye on Design: 

Published by the American Institute of Graphic Arts, the design industry’s top professional organization, Eye on Design features designers from all over the world and the issues they are passionate about. The blog covers a variety of topics that go beyond the Western perspective, such as sexism within the South Korean design scene and a typeface’s effect on New Zealand’s cultural identity. The blog also analyzes the intersection of design with other sectors in society such as mental health and money. 

Junior Designer Angela Fong especially likes the blog’s effort toward decolonizing design and its coverage of international designers.

2. Brand New:

Brand New, also an all-around Glantz favorite, provides a critical look at corporate and brand identity work across industries. The posts offer in-depth analysis, introduce smaller works and acknowledge rebrands and design news. 

With a constant flow of commentary and critique about brands of all sizes, Brand New encourages readers to also look out for the branding from smaller, lesser known companies. 

Here’s what Associate Creative Director Holly Leach had to say about her daily read: “I read Brand New every single morning. It is a great way to learn, find inspiration and stay on top of visual trends.”

3. UX Collective: 

UX Collective publishes content about user experience (UX), visual design, and product design with the goal of widely sharing lesser known design perspectives. Its weekly newsletter is curated to encourage designers to not only make, but also think through their work with its wide range of unique stories, such as understanding data feminism and analyzing the anatomy of ‘design thinking’ workshops

Studio Lead & Creative Director, Jen Lemerand, receives the email newsletter and highlights: “I have continually evolved my UX acumen with knowledge gained from all areas of expertise. You can get both sides of a coin and find what is best for your own practice. I love that they aim to elevate unheard design voices all over the world.” 

4. Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g): 

Nielsen Norman Group is a consulting firm that provides research findings on user interaction to help designers and teams improve their UX design. It also regularly publishes articles based on its research. Compared to other design blogs, NN/g follows a more science-based approach and presents their expertise in the website’s articles, reports and online seminars. 

In addition, Junior Designer Angela Fong views NN/g as a good example of producing content that is accessible to a large audience due to its availability of media. NN/g makes sure to publish a mix of text, video, podcasts and graphics throughout the website.

5. Smashing Magazine:

Smashing Magazine provides perspectives and solutions about a range of topics relating to web design and development. The writers detail their perspectives and guide the reader with analysis and deep walkthroughs. As a result, it is clear how much time and effort the online publication puts in each article to educate the reader thoroughly.

As President & Chief Creative Officer Keith Glantz puts it, “I like the technical nature, and the How-To guides as [Smashing Magazine] not only explains the why, but also the how.”  

6. Muzli Design Inspiration: 

Muzli makes the search for design inspiration simple. It’s a browser extension that provides inspiration each time a user opens a new tab, keeping designers and creative professionals inspired through its curated content. 

Muzli uncovers inspiration that is difficult to find through a web search as it scours through various Medium posts daily. 

Muzli also catalogs inspiration with a weekly blog roundup, which Senior Designer Ricardo Lisboa calls “super engaging.” 

7. Design Taxi:

Design Taxi is an online reference for creatives that provides short articles across topics such as travel, gadgets, food, film, technology, advertising and pop culture. 

President & Chief Creative Officer Keith Glantz notes their “neat collection of original and curated content” that he views on Design Taxi’s social media and newsletters.

8. Creative Review:

Creative Review brings those in the creative community together through opinion, analysis and insight on life in the industry. 

The blog establishes itself as a portal for creatives and aims to be enjoyable and educational. To do so, Creative Review frequently posts about creative insight and inspiration from recent commercial media

9. Sidebar: 

Sidebar collects thoughtful and in-depth design links that showcase case studies and tutorials. The blog updates daily with a new set of five links, which offers variety and provides an opportunity to hear from different voices. 

The design case studies shared by Sidebar are easy to read and demonstrate high effort. Sidebar accepts submissions, so it also serves as an opportunity for studios to share their own work.

10. UX Magazine:

UX Magazine informs readers on the expansive topic of UX design and promises to keep readers current on the ongoing advancements in the field. 

The UX Magazine also covers user experience’s counterpart fields, Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX).  

Since the website states there are no aspects of daily life that UX doesn’t affect, UX Magazine helps readers see UX from all perspectives through their expansive archive of detailed articles.

With so many design blogs out there, the search for graphic design inspiration may be daunting. Nonetheless, fellow design blogs cover all areas of design and provide creative insight and advice. Not only is it important for designers to continue to create but it is also imperative that as designers, we continue to be avid learners. Our peers’ design blogs are surely our best resource!    

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