Logos so Ugly, It's Scary

It’s that time of the year again when it’s perfectly acceptable… in fact, it’s expected that you dress up in your scariest costume, sip witches’ brew and overdose on candy. To get us all in the Halloween spirit, we’ve posted the some of the spookiest logos lurking the web. These haunting designs make the hair on our spines stick up.

10. I remember my first time using Microsoft Paint…

9. Just like our expectations for the Millennium Y2K, this logo disappoints us.

8. There’s no escaping the hideousness that is this logo.

7. As if we needed another reason NOT to live in Idaho.

6. This “design firm” may be in the wrong industry.

5. It physically hurts to look at this.

4. I was always a dog person myself.

3. Chinese restaurant under rising sun? Or… something less pleasant?

2. The new identity for the 2012 London Olympics cost more than $800,000 to design. Complete “rubbish.”

1. This logo was designed for Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission. Need we say more?

Maybe these brands didn’t get the memo that Halloween is the only day when you should look this ghastly. If your logo made our haunting list (or should have), please contact us to prevent any further damage to your company’s reputation. We would be more than happy to design you an aesthetically pleasing logo that customers will remember for all the right reasons.

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