The Wonderful World of WordPress

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As a designer who is unversed in the language of coding, it was intimidating when I was asked to jump in and edit a website using WordPress for the first time. However, after a brief tutorial given by another designer, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and intuitive the content management system (CMS) was to use.

Just HOW Easy, You Ask?

The WordPress administrative control panel has a straightforward layout that is extremely easy to navigate. There are clear options for what you can do with your site, and how to do it. Editing a page or post requires no specialized knowledge of website programming. WordPress has a built-in Visual Editor, which makes is easy for beginners to update all aspects of a website, including layout, content and images. Dare I say, editing a page is somewhat like using a document editor similar to Microsoft Word.
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Clients Take the Wheel

As static HTML/CSS sites are becoming a thing of the past, there is an increasing demand for websites that can be consistently updated and managed by clients themselves. That is the great advantage to using WordPress. It is easy for even the least tech-savy of clients to publish and change content after just an hour or two of training. This also cuts costs otherwise spent on trained professionals needed to make minor changes to a site.

One of our clients, Eric Stassen at Symphonic Voyages, had no previous experience with web development prior to the launch of Symphonic Voyage’s new site. Now he finds himself making frequent updates to the site, “ranging from minor copy changes to major page additions.” Though he admits to only using a small percentage of WordPress capabilities, the things he “does know are pretty easy to accomplish.”

Everything about WordPress, from its aesthetics to its usability to its price, is highly praised here at Glantz. As it has evolved from a mere blogging tool to an advanced CMS, it has revolutionized the game of web development. Although there are more robust CMS out there, the ease of end-user is often taken for granted.

Why we love WordPress:

  1. It’s free. Need we say more?
  2. It has an immense community of users. There are millions of WordPress enthusiasts out there willing to help and share tricks and tips.
  3. There are thousands of already developed plugins and widgets available to upload. You are able to add features that take hours of coding and styling in just a few clicks.
  4. It’s easy to learn and even easier to maintain.
  5. It’s very adaptable to personal preference.

I guess it’s better late than never to jump on the WordPress bandwagon!

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