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A worldwide consulting group needed a website that was easy to use for both clients and their own team.

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All in the Family

Family businesses face unique challenges, both business and interpersonal. The Family Business Consulting Group helps them problem solve, organize and plan for the future.

FBCG came to Glantz Design with unique challenges of its own. Its website visitors did not understand how to use it—or, frankly, what they did as a company. Plus, the FBCG team needed a content management system that would enable anyone to easily update the site and integrate with the company’s marketing automation software.

Updating the brand, maintaining the equity

Typography and color drove the website’s visual design. FBCG came to Glantz with an identity system that, while strong, was not optimized for web use. New colors extended their identity without sacrificing brand equity.

Importantly, the expanded color palette met Web Accessibility Content Guidelines, the accepted standards for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The new colors ensured family business professionals with vision impairments would be able to read the site’s content.

A custom icon set further expanded the identity. The icons are abstract and impactful, and apply the new colors to the overlay motif established in FBCG’s logo. The visual design team then carried through the expansion to FBCG’s existing infographics. A dynamic, accessible, and cohesive website design was the result.

Easy to navigate, intuitive to use

We began the project with an immersive audit of the website and the family business professionals who use it. We gained a deep understanding of the business and its clients, which allowed us to strategically re-organize the site content. The resulting sitemap made finding and accessing information easier for all visitors: family business employees, founders, partners, and FBCG consultants.

Ease-of-navigation was especially important in FBCG’s media center. Since the firm launched in 1994, its family business consultants penned hundreds of articles. The consultants also contribute to an ever-expanding collection of books and webinars.

Previously, this content library was scattered across separate pages and included an external blog. We redesigned the user experience to merge the disparate references into one hub. Visitors are able to browse by format and topic.

A CMS that empowers

The development team also integrated Hubspot, FBCG’s marketing automation software, into the site. Finally, the website is built in WordPress, our recommended content management system. The pages are highly customizable with a variety of reusable content blocks. As a result, the FBCG team is able to create new pages that are as effective as the professionally designed.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for our beautiful new website! It's fresh, easy to navigate, tells our story and is filled with fun interactive details—we're already receiving lots of positive feedback from our consultants.
Karen King
Senior Marketing Specialist
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