Blooming into a Designer

Let me tell you about my journey with Glantz. It all started in the spring of 2019. I was studying abroad in Florence, Italy, looking for design internships, when I came across the Glantz Design blog post Portfolio Tips to Get That Internship. Amidst the stress of trying to find the perfect summer internship, I found this blog post to be a very helpful and insightful read. Without connecting the dots, I came across the Glantz and the internship opportunity later, and applied. Not even realizing that this amazing blog had come from the same place. 

Summer Internship

That summer as an intern, I jumped into projects and felt like a true team member. My job was to help the design team where I could and to learn, learn, learn. The summer was full of true crime podcasts, bonding with my fellow interns, and learning new design programs (like InVision and Sketch). I had the opportunity to work on so many different projects, such as designing the logo for 120/80. Along with that I found my place working on a design team, and pushed myself to always provide feedback and to speak up. I even designed a logo that got chosen by the client, and that is a high I still feel to this day. 

Gabi as a design intern in 2019

I learned early that summer the special thing about Glantz. If you ask anyone on the team to show you how to do something, or to shadow them, they will gladly support you, without making you feel like a burden. Just like at Hogwarts “Help will always be given at [Glantz] to those who ask for it.”

After my summer at Glantz as an intern, I applied the many skills and lessons I had learned into my personal practice as a design senior in college. From small things such as keeping my files cleaned and organized, to bigger changes such as feeling more comfortable talking about my work; I had a new found confidence from being around a very supportive and empowering team. 

Glantz was on my mind while finishing off my last year at school. I knew I wanted to work in an environment like that again, where one of the company mottos is “Shun complacency; don’t be a dinosaur”. It’s a place that fosters growth and knowledge, unparalleled to any other agency. The focus on learning is emphasized at all level roles, and because it is a small but mighty team, it’s easy to be involved at any step of the process. 


One undergrad degree and a pandemic later, I found myself applying to a Glantz Design Apprenticeship. Since ending my internship I knew I wanted to be back at Glantz one way or another. And applying for the apprenticeship felt like the best next step for me. 

Starting the apprenticeship I didn’t know what to expect or how different it’d be from my internship. I came in ready to work hard and absorb as much knowledge as possible. I knew that if it were anything like my internship I would be quickly in the thick of it, working on client projects. Soon, I was designing logos and website concepts for clients, and having the opportunity to present them myself to the clients. The responsibility was higher than before and it was exciting. 

Gabi on her first day as a design apprentice in 2021

The four months of my apprenticeship were full of old faces, and new, lots of exciting client work, and self growth. With goals set from the beginning of the job, and monthly 1:1’s with the team, it’s such a special experience to further yourself via design and growth. Once I finished my apprenticeship, and got hired as a junior designer, I was ready to conquer my next set of goals, and to keep learning and growing. Some goals did remain the same, especially within design where trends change, and skills can always be developed further. But I’m beyond excited to be a part of such a supportive team and to keep setting goals, and collaborate to learn more. 

Full-Time Junior Designer

Fast-forward to now, my one year of being a junior designer is quickly approaching. This past year I’ve worked on all kinds of projects — from creating posters for several tradeshows to designing an entire site and seeing it come to life. I’ve learned so much more about our processes, being on projects from start to finish. Not only has this year been full of client projects, I’ve also had the opportunity for professional development. I virtually attended a conference about typography, learning about trends and projects from professionals in the design field. With our opportunities of professional development at Glantz, I’m constantly looking for ways to change my perspective and improve my work via those learnings. 

Always Learning

It may feel obvious, but it’s so important that once you get the job, to be open to learning and wanting to gather knowledge. Especially in the design world where everything changes constantly, from trends to programs used. One should act like every day is your first day as an intern. Open to learning and open to jumping into any opportunity presented to you. As a young designer with a road ahead of a career in graphic design, I’m laying out my foundation of finding success in the future, and Glantz provides an epic level of learning.

Gabi as a junior designer in 2022

Gabi Restrepo is a Junior Designer that is interested in connecting with people and creating with the intention of impact within her design practice.
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