Holly Leach Promoted to Creative Director and Content Director

Congratulations to Holly Leach as she joins the leadership team at Glantz.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the promotion of Holly Leach as Glantz’s new Creative Director and Content Director. A designer, writer, mentor, and leader, Holly has the keen ability to simplify the complex.

Holly is approaching her five-year mark with the Glantz team. She progressed from Senior Designer to Associate Creative Director to her new role on the leadership team. 

Holly has shown initiative every step of the way, going above and beyond. She is a multi-skilled and adaptable creative director. As content director, Holly will lead the advancement of our content and marketing capabilities as Glantz transitions to a brand elevation studio

Her background in journalism makes her well suited for the content role. As a skilled interviewer and listener, she always digs deeper to understand the root of someone’s perspective.

“Holly has an unparalleled ability to really hear what clients and teammates are trying to say, challenge us to grow past our comfort zones, and craft solutions that are right for the client and problem at hand.”

Angela Fong, Designer

A Journey of Leadership

Holly also will join Glantz’s executive leadership team. The promotion allows her to lead large brand and digital projects in strategy, information architecture, user experience, content, and design. She will mentor and lead the design team to create projects that are on-brand and outcome-oriented. We are proud that Holly joins other female creative directors who are underrepresented at just 29% of the workforce.

“We are so lucky to have Holly as one of our Creative Directors. She cares as deeply about our team as she does our creative process, and I’m excited to see where she takes our Studio!”

Conner Brown, Senior Account Manager

Let us all congratulate Holly Leach on this well-deserved promotion, and wish her luck in all her future undertakings! It is an honor to have her on our team.

Holly’s Top 10 Glantz Projects

Read Holly’s Insights

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